Neighborhood Watch Application (Alsip PD)

  • Alsip Police Department
    Crime Prevention Unit
    **Neighborhood Watch Application/Questionnaire**
    If you would like to download this form for printing, please click HERE.
    We have recently had some inquires as to a developing neighborhood watch programs. In order to gauge the interest of the communities within the Village of Alsip we ask that if you are interested in being part of a neighborhood watch to please complete this form. You are also asked to talk with your neighbors and ask them to complete this form. This form is also available on the police department web site

    The benefits of neighborhood watch according to the National Crime Prevention Counsel are:
    • Unties the community and increases neighborhood cohesion
    • Reduces fear of crime in the community
    • Improves crime reporting by citizens
    • Increases surveillance in the area
    • Prevents and reduces crime
    • Enhances homeland security