2024 Domestic Crisis Intervention (MLEEA)

MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Check for court orders, warrants, KOPS Alert, on named parties in call or prior calls at address
  • Recognizes possible weapons stated in the dispatch remarks
  • Verbalized and/or demonstrated where parked and how to use cover/concealment if available
Please enter a number from 0 to 5.

  • Listened for an appropriate amount of time prior to knocking
  • Identified selves as law enforcement and agency named
  • Gained lawful entry, invited in or can articulate exigency circumstance
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  • Separated parties appropriately for conditions
  • Maintained eyeshot/earshot of partners
  • Decides to pat search for weapons appropriately
  • Plain view search of weapons in area as well as physically check areas prior to parties sitting
  • Search of adjacent areas for other persons
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  • Excited Utterances noted by Explorers
  • Parties asked about injuries and medical requested immediately if needed
  • Rapport built with parties if possible
  • Open ended questions/Active Listening skills, clarifying questions
  • Communication between partners
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  • Appropriate decision is made, communicated, and completed w/o delay
  • Appropriate timing of arrest advisal is made to Suspect
  • Safely placed into custody w/ appropriate handcuff technique, double-lock and proper custodial search.
  • All weapons and/or contraband located on arrested party
  • Arrested party is Mirandized per Scales prior to being questioned after arrest if needed
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  • Photos of victim and/or suspect injuries as well as any other possible evidence.
  • Photos of damaged property, condition of home, weapons, etc.
  • Appropriate evidence collection methods used
  • Victim requested to complete Medical Release of Information
  • Victim given “blue card” advised of shelters, advocates, court orders, and given business card w/ case #
Please enter a number from 0 to 10.

  • Explorer has identified all persons with full names, dates of birth, address, phone numbers, and email
  • All person were checked for court orders, warrants in an appropriate manner
  • Explorers can articulate the domestic relationship between the victim and arrested party.
  • Explorers can articulate the crime that occurred and how
  • Explorers did not make a dual arrest if able to do so, and identified the appropriate primary aggressor
Please enter a number from 0 to 15.

Domestic Knowledge Questions – 1 point each

What is the statute number and level of crime for the following?
Fifth Degree Assault? Level?
609.224 Misdemeanor
Domestic Assault? Level?
609.2242 Misdemeanor
Domestic Assault by Strangulation? Level?
609.2247 Felony
Interfere with Emergency Call? Level?
609.78 sub 2 Gross Misdemeanor
Domestic Assault Gross Misdemeanor? What makes it a Gross?
609.2242 sub 2
Prior Qualified Domestic Violence Related Offense within the past 10 years
Domestic Assault Felony? What makes it a Felony?
609.2242 sub 4
Two or more Qualified Domestic Violence Related Offenses within the past 10 years
When does the time start to determine the 10 years?
Date of first conviction
How long do you have to make a probable cause arrest of a suspect that has fled a domestic assault?
72 hours after midnight on the date of the assault
Name the 7 household relations:
(1) Spouse and former spouse,
(2) Parents and children,
(3) Persons related by blood,
(4) persons who are presently residing together or have resided together in the past,
(5) Child in common
(6) Alleged to be the father
(7) Persons in a significant romantic or sexual relationship